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AVA Global, which was founded in 1993, was originally called the IEC. From then until 2007, IEC / AVA was one of the main contractors and suppliers of steel and aluminum alloy components, and a major coating service provider for the construction industry in Singapore and overseas. We have been involved in the supply, manufacture and delivery of facade covering systems for prestigious projects around the world.

Our milestone:
1993 1995 1997 1997 2012 2015
Established in the steel manufacturer.
In 2007, it was renamed the Building Curtain Wall Contractor, specializing in aluminum and glass engineering. Our expertise includes the following design, supply, manufacturing and installation:

Architectural function
Building steel structure
Aluminum coating
Aluminum and glass doors and windows
Aluminum shutters
Aluminum and glass canopies and skylights
Glass curtain wall
In 2012, based on the global vision of management, AVA Global developed and successfully launched the following overseas projects - JST Connector Headquarters, Johor Bahru, Malaysia and Myanmar International Conference Center.

In 2015, AVA Global began operating its own extrusion equipment in Fujian, China, including the manufacture, assembly and coating of frames and panels.